Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy at Payday Loan Arizona is a clear indication of our commitment towards offering a secure online environment to our borrowers.

We have adopted strict measures for thwarting the unscrupulous attempts by the online third parties to compromise our borrowers' privacy. Read on to get a better understanding of our privacy statement.

We do not misuse the borrowers' data by selling, renting or exchanging it with any third party and generate profits for the company as a result.

We do share the details of our clients with our lenders with the intention to bring the best loan offers for our borrowers. By revealing the preferences to the lenders, we come across the most suitable loan deals.

Whenever we bring along improvements in our services and policies, we access the borrowers' database and use the borrowers' contact details.

We inform them about the latest developments with the hope that they will use the opportunities to their advantage.

Visitors to our website of Payday Loan Arizona do not require disclosing their personal information to us. They can browse through the pages anonymously. We would like to inform that we use cookies on our site.

The cookies are helpful to us in knowing about the browsing preferences of our visitors. We learn about their expectations from our site and make desirable changes. Though the cookies are not threats to their privacy, the visitors can disable them.

At the time of applying for our services like the installment loans and the quick loans no credit check, our borrowers provide us with their personal details. These details include their names, employment specifics, contact numbers and bank account information.

We secure our database from cyber-attacks with the help of the latest security application. Our IT staff conducts regular testing of the software to ascertain if it is giving optimal performance at all times.

We preserve the security of our borrowers' accounts on our portal through unique login information. Every borrower, who applies for the quick loans no credit check and the installment loans, gets login details for operating his accounts.

These particulars include secret passwords too which the borrowers choose themselves. Since the knowledge about the login details is restricted to the borrowers only, it is highly improbable for any third party to access the accounts.

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